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Bonding Breakfast

English Breakfast with 1º CS Xestión de Aloxamentos
Bonding Breakfast 1º CS Xestión de Aloxamentos Turísticos – 1ºCS Guía, Asistencia e Información Turísticas


A new fresh start for a new school year. Students from 1st year Tourism/ Hospitality, Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management get together in a bonding breakfast to get to know each other while sharing their yummy home made foodies. They had the opportunity to chat and indulge in a relaxed atmosphere as they shared expectations for the coming school year.

Bonding Breakfast 1º Xestión Aloxamentos Turísticos
Bonding Breakfast 1º CS Dirección de Cociña – 1º CS Dirección de Servizos

This was the first start for a promising fun year filled with joint activities in the Department of Modern Languages.